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  1. My overall goal is to engage in yoga practice 5 mornings per week for at least 15 minutes. Once I have done this 3 weeks in a row, it will be mastered and I should continue with the practice to retain. I will be increasing the time by 30 seconds each day until I reach 15 minutes. I will be increasing the frequency as I only do this irregularly at the moment, starting at trying to do my yoga practice 3 mornings a week, then 4 mornings and then 5 mornings. 
  2. I will have my yoga clothing and any equipment I require ready and next to my bed every evening before I go to bed to act as a visual reminder. I will set my alarm 20 minutes earlier to allow myself enough time to do my yoga practice. 
  3. Overall goal achieved: new yoga/gym gear outfit can be purchased. Other reinforcers: cup of coffee kept for after my yoga practice, social praise from others, not rushing for work as I’m up earlier, can use my phone after yoga to go on social media. 
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