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A strategy to use is Functional communication training. Teach the individual to engage in another appropriate response to gain a reinforcer, item, or attention. Start with an FR1 when teaching the FCT so they will learn what constitutes as an appropriate behavior to gain reinforcement and then extinction for the behaviors we do not want to see. Once this is learned then one can begin to thin the schedule of reinforcement. Meaning they will have to appropriately use words or communicate maybe 3 times before they get the reinforcer and keep increasing slowly every time before they can wait or engage in activities without constantly getting a reinforcer for a long period that matches natural environment. In addition to this teaching them how to wait properly, having a variety of choices they can be engaging in, and making the reinforcer they want more motivating if they can wait for longer periods of time. A token board can also be paired with FCT. Instead of earning reinforcer in the moment, you get a star on chart. A the end of the week if you have enough stars that then equals reinforcement of big size. 

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